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Bengaluru’s Party hub gets its Social! And we couldn’t have been happier!!!

Bengaluru has for long been known for its Pub culture that brings it its identity. The IT hub came in later, but it’s been its happening parties and beers that have kept it’s crowd happy!Indiranagar, the new party hotspot in the city now adds Social to its long list of places to chill out at! Social was launched last month with much fanfare and we were lucky enough to try out their all new menu.

First, the looks. The ambiance is something to die for. The vibe is catchy and you cannot help but get into the groove once you are settled. From a private lounge called the Speak Easy Lounge with the best of the Single Malts and premier liquor, to a terrace co-working space, I will not be surprised if the Indiranagar Social ends up running packed soon.

We kicked off the evening with their signature cocktails for the Speak-Easy lounge. All of them made with Diageo’s premium spirits. They couldn’t have been better! The ladies and we thoroughly enjoyed them through the night, coupled with the food that followed.

Be it the – Joe Likes it Slow that was made with Coffee infused Ketel One, to The Lady in the Purple Dress and one of the best- Liquid Courage made with Singleton, Coffee Vermouth, Llaphroaig and Honey Water.

The appetizers rolled in and we were treated to first- Awesomosas- that are two ways- pizza and mushroom cheese with sriracha chunda and green apple chutney. These samosas were very unlike the samosas because their fillings made all the difference. Crispy, juicy and tangy with the Sriracha Chunda, we started off on the right note!

Next came items from the Tandoor- The Achari Paneer Tikka and the all new- Coconut Chicken Malai Tikka which turned out to be so good! This, we think is a must must try at the property.

We then moved to some classics but with a twist. The classic momos, but a platter of all that were on the menu. Called the Momopalooza- a platter with samplers of Classic, Tandoori, Butter Garlic, Momos from Hell and Momo Chat.

This particular platter, to be honest is a complete sell out! If you are really looking to try each of the momos but dont want full plates, you must definitely go for this. The best part? It doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket!

Moving to the main course, we must say, Socials have outdone themselves this time. Their Signature Tandoori Pizzas are a new addition and are one of THE best pizzas we’ve had in a long time. We tried the Paneer Tikka and Smoked Bell Pepper Pizzas and were wowed by every aspect of it. Perfectly crunchy thanks to its base that was nicely cooked in a tandoor and made crispy.

The final dish to come in was the all new introduction in the main course menu. This was the Dilli Thali. The thali consists of Rice, Roti, Dal Makhani, Salad, Papad, Moong Dal Halwa with a choice of a paneer sabji or butter chicken. Again, like I mentioned earlier these guys have outdone themselves in each department at this outlet.

Ready to crash thanks to each of their dishes, we managed to agree to try their desserts. The Chocolate & Cookie Cake is chocolate heaven personified. A bowl full of rich chocolate & cookie cake dunked in chocobar. Do I have to say anything more?

Another dessert that won us over was- Filter Coffee Caramel Custard that is a fun take on the caramel custard. A must for coffee lovers.

If you are looking to chill, hangout or work, Indiranagar Social is the place to be!

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