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6 Furniture Design Ideas for Picture-Perfect Living Room

A central space that surrounds a comfy and captivating sofa, a coffee table that assures to be the best complement to the whole décor; ideal showcase like display units and console tables – this is how one can quote a living room to be “picture-perfect”.
However, there is more to every individual furniture within a living room that translates into a beautiful living room. Designs of each unit can leave a different influence over the whole décor. Heena Jain, Design Consultant at WoodenStreet throws some brilliant furniture and decor ideas that you must know for a beautifully designed living room.
Upholstered sofa sets

Talking about sofa sets, we get a spectrum of designs from fabric to wooden. While wooden sofas establish a dominance over the living room, the delicate and inviting appeal of fabric sofas is hard to replicate.
Fabric sofas have been a staple of pop culture, featured in various sitcoms such as Friends, and that’s why they are immediately associated with a city-chic and upscale comfort. Vibrant hues or subtle pastels, earthy tones or neutral shades – every colour has the potential to infuse a new emotion within your living room. This diversity in upholstered furniture can also be experienced with options of gorgeous prints and patterns.
Fabric sofas also come in a variety of designs, including the Chesterfield fabric sofa, which is known exclusively for its deeply tufted backrest and rolling arms. This English sofa style can further be paired with matching ottomans and lounge chairs. A chaotic yet balanced approach, such combination can make the central spot of your living room more appealing.
Entertaining through TV Units

Once the lounging, or a part of it, is ready to go, it is time to give an entertainment line to the faces of the sofas and chairs. While a variety of TV Unit styles are prevalent, an industrial-themed setup can perfectly balance the prevalence of fabrics in the living room.
Black metal structures with wooden platforms and surfaces, industrial TV units tone down the play of fabrics, yet supply their own earthy energy to the room. And the plus point: industrial designs bring an airy feel to the décor. 
A clear design and smart combination of two different materials pairs fantastically with an exclusively chosen fabric sofa for the contemporary or modern furniture decoration idea.
The Right Coffee Table
Coffee tables tend to make your sofa set complete with their presence. If your seating furniture is wrapped in a radiant fabric color, then pair an industrial coffee table with the sofa. The fusion of materials that provides a light weight and modern look makes for an ideal living room setup.
Also, to bring contemporary vibes in the room, you can always rely on a round-shaped coffee table with a marble or glass table top. Material combinations are perfect for structuring an ambience that is sure to be impressive when paired with a fabric sofa.
Widen Your Approach With Chaise Lounges And Lounge Chairs

Break the norms of old decor trends where a 3-seater sofa set used to be paired with two single seaters. Instead, you can bring home beautifully crafted lounge chairs that in different prints or contrasting colors. 
A bold colored fabric sofa coupled with printed lounge chairs invites an uncompromising comfort and unmatched style. In fact, you can broaden the plush of the sitting area by replacing the chairs with a single chaise lounge. This extended furniture gives you an option to lay back or curl up comfortably to be used as a day bed. While the fabric options never stop you from choosing the finest contrast, hues and prints can be the your best mates for a picture-perfect living room interior.
Console Tables For a Distinct Eye-Catching Nook

Unlike the usual furniture of the living room, a console table is that one out-of-the-box furniture which has nothing to do with a sofa set or a center table. But it does provide am accent platform within your room. Putting a minimalist console table gives you a great option to fill an empty corner.
And to achieve that minimalist look, try your hands over mid-century or industrial design console tables. The slanting tapered legs and a cubist head, or a metal-accented profile with wooden platforms is the perfect idea to accompany your living room interiors. The worth of a console table can be increased a notch by decorating it with photo frames, a designer clock or even a unique table runner to bind the whole look.
An Enchanting Way To Store And Showcase

While a showcase is to flaunt and a closet is to store, a chest of drawers can hit two birds with one stone. Keep an iconic chest of drawers at a separate wall in the room to get a place devoted to functionality. Just like the console table, you can pick a design that complements the rest of the decor.
A Mid-century chest of drawers is that win-win design in terms of decor, as the crafting is contemporary enough to complement the sofa set. Moreover, you can pick from different wooden finishes to pair up nicely with the rest of the décor.
No matter how your store it, put a delicate flower vase and frames to beautify your chest of drawers. Indeed, a living room is not just about setting up comfortable furniture, it is more about the vibes that you get from the choices you have made. Ultimately, it is upon us to create a living room where the decor and furniture speak your language and match your personality. After all, this is the best place to show your perspective of life, be it ultimate sophisticated modern or an artsy experience.

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