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GoodFellas Studio launch a tool to track content production capabilities across 22 states

Mumbai based content production studio, The Goodfellas Studio has launched India Content Production Status Map recently. The tool offers comprehensive information to track content production capabilities and limitations across 22 states and 37 regions in India affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Marketers, brands, agencies, individual content creators and production houses can use the map to identify prevalent guidelines and SOPs across states in India to help them take necessary production decisions.

The map gathers data from creators across the country and verifies the same against key news and prevalent Government guidelines and sources. The inspiration & the methodology behind this tool have come from the Global Production Status Map created by the global creative production platform, Genero.

The free tool effectively breaks down production capabilities across regions in 4 parameters: Post-production and studio production shoots, Small scale studio production with talent, medium scale production with restrictions and full-scale production possibilities with SOP guidelines to be followed.

The tool not only helps creators make better production decisions but also gives an exposure to locations outside the regular go-to cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi & Bengaluru is known for high production and ease of creation capabilities. According to the tool, as of today, states like Kerala, Himachal Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh are more shoot ready than other regions.

Commenting on the development, Co-founder of Goodfellas Studio, Ridhesh Sejpal said, ”This tool provides marketers and creators with up-to-date information on the level of production possible across different regions in our country. The virus spread is continuously fluctuating and this makes it extremely confusing to keep track of the lockdown guidelines on a day-to-day basis.”

He further added, ”We endeavor to get all the information in one place and keep it up to date for our fraternity as much as possible. Creators and marketers are clueless about where they can shoot and to what extent. Something like this helps bridge the knowledge gap and also guides the creators to the right region.”

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