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Made in India video app ‘Bolo Indya’ witnesses 2.5 lakh+ downloads within 24 hours after TikTok ban

Consequent to the announcement by the Information Technology Ministry on Monday evening, on the banning of the Chinese apps, there is a new playing field for the homegrown social networking platform.

Bolo Indya, a UGC short videos app that has been made in India and is arch-rival to all other infotainment apps has witnessed an augmented growth in the last couple of days after the announcement was made.
Speaking about the same Varun Saxena, Co-Founder, Bolo Indya, said; “This is a welcome move and we invite all TikTok stars from India to be a part of fast-growing Bolo Indya community. In the month of June, the monthly active users were 7.3 lakh and 5.8 lakh daily active users. With 62 min+ daily times spent by active users in the last 24 hours, at par with time spent on Tiktok, more than 5 times of time spent on other homegrown apps. 3,92,000 users created videos in the last 24 hours. We are pleased to have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of millions of Tiktok stars and provide them with a platform to build on their social capital and convert it to financial independence.”
Saxena further added, “There was a huge jump in user increase in first 24 hours of the ban, and we saw over 2.5 lakh installs, with 87% of these signing up and creating videos and 1.27 crore videos have been created in June, with 6.37 lakh videos created in last 24 hours with this 70 lakh hours of video content has been consumed in last 24 hours. 

The majority of these are from the Edutok segment of Tiktok which further boosts our value add for users as a regional language platform to share knowledge, experience and opinions.
“Simultaneously, we stay committed to the Indian government’s guidelines on UGC platforms, Data security and promoting Indian ethos, values, culture and heritage in the content that stays on the platform,” added Saxena.
The app represents Prime Minister’s vision ‘Vocal for Local’. It mainly focuses on empowering every Indian with a platform where they can raise their voice, express talent, share their opinion and experiences to get famous, and then earn on the platform. 
The main feature of the app comprises of creating video-based on knowledge, art, and interest. It also allows the users to create and share content in 10 Indian languages with more than 5.2 lakh active members and 2.9 daily users spending more than 39 min per day on the app, providing an opportunity to a competent individual to earn more than INR 30,000 per month.

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