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This Bengaluru Man turns his home cook into a Foodpreneur on Twitter, her Crab Curry sold out in 40 mins

Ankit Vengulerkar, also known as ‘Gadgetwala’ on Twitter, posted a thread a few days back for his house help ‘Saroj Didi’ who has been cooking and cleaning at his Bangalore home for almost a year now.

What he did is yet another example of how one positive idea can change the life of someone in need.

Ankit in his post said, “She (Saroj Didi) is extremely reliable and they bond over food and cats.” He further adds, “She is extremely talented and experienced in cooking and has been wanting to start a home-cooked food business for a few weeks now.”

Saroj Didi, 47 has three kids and she is fluent in Kannada, English and Hindi. She along with her husband used to run a small eating joint in Mangammanapalya. However, after her husband passed away, she shut down the business to look after her kids and decided to raise them by doing housework.

In the first post of the thread, Ankit asked his twitter users, who would like to eat some delicious home-cooked Mangalore Crab curry? He further said that he is helping his cook Saroj Didi start a food business. He also mentioned the cost per person for the crab curry, i.e. ₹300 for a portion.

Within 40 minutes of posting the message, they sold out 20 kgs of Mangalore Crab Curry. Expressing his happiness, Ankit posted, “Thanks so much for all your retweets and encouragement. Saroj Didi is so happy. And a bigger thanks to all those who have placed their orders.”

Ankit further posted pictures of food cooked by Saroj Didi and put in a request to his users. He said, “If you live near HSR layout in Bangalore and would like to get a tiffin service or any yummy food, please consider Saroj Didi. It will help her earn extra income and you will get some super delicious food.”

The next day they received more orders from JP Nagar, Koramangala and Indiranagar as well. Ankit further shared a few pictures of Saroj Didi who is seen gleaming with smile and pride.

He said in his post, “Saroj Didi’s smile on receiving the first round of payments for the amazing Crab Curry sale. Whatever money is made from the sale, goes to her. She is cooking and I manage the sale, take orders & payments on Paytm and Google Pay and coordinate with delivery persons for pick-up.”

In an exclusive message to Unkrate, Saroj Didi expressed her happiness, she said, “I am happy that I can cook food for so many people and my dream is coming true. I am glad to get this extra income that will help me to repay my debts.”

As Ankit’s posts went viral, it grabbed the attention of one of the biggest names in the culinary world, Vikas Khanna who is Michelin star Chef, restaurateur, cookbook writer and humanitarian.

Replying to Twitter Moment India’s post, Vikas said, “This makes me so happy & proud.” He further thanked Ankit for doing this for Saroj Didi and asked if they would deliver to NY.

Ankit could not contain his excitement on receiving a response from his idol. He replied, “Thank you. This means the world to me. Would love to serve you the Crab Curry whenever you are in India next. Your work to feed millions with Feed India initiative is so brilliant and noble.”

He also received support and appreciation from Paytm and Google Pay India among other Twitter users.

Ankit has also partnered with Conosh, a platform for home chefs. Conosh will now feature her menu every weekend and taking care of orders, logistics and delivery.

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