Friday, June 14, 2024

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Udo brings virtual platform video conferencing free upto 70 Users for 1 hour

Coronavirus has brought with it several unfortunate losses to the Indian economy. The most apparent impact has been the layoffs across all the sectors and industries which have disabled every individual, company, and business among others.
Now, there has been a scarcity of jobs, people are unable to find new jobs. From July 5th Udo has started giving away 1 hr video Conference free for up to 70 Users as against Zoom which only gives 40 Min for 30 Users available for android and apple stores. Individuals can use this platform to run classes and can earn.
The app features video conferencing and webinar, where people can conduct any classes with one’s skills. Udo is a less complicated and more affordable app at just Rs. 300 per month and one can start conducting online classes of their respective knowledge and interest.
Commenting on the app, Teja Gudluru, Founder and CEO, Udo said “Professional like teachers, gym instructor, therapist, yoga trainers, marketing aspirants and motivational speakers have started conducting classes online using this video conferencing app with unlimited access to breakout rooms, screen sharing and boards, on virtual sessions and the options are limitless. Earlier the app was mostly used by the freelancers and consultants, but after the lockdown, we have seen professional joining and using the app.”
This feature is not only important for business but any students, freelancers, experts, etc can use it. Udo offers streaming more than 10,000 people at no additional cost with that its ability to charge per user for streaming as well.
Teja Adds, “Udo is different from other video conferencing apps such as – “What other video conference apps do is give you the tools. It’s more like a Microsoft PowerPoint. You can make the PPT but then what? Who do you present it to? Where is your audience? How do you monetize? Apps like Zoom or Google Meet or the million others do not tell you that. We provide a composite package and that too at a much cheaper price,”
Udo has an integrated payment portal that can directly link it to the consumer account, thus the registration fees go directly to the consumer. A basic KYC check process is made. The platform also helps to connect with the people who are seeking help in any area of work and can be connected to the coach or consultant instantly.

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