Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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Casio India drops two breathtaking limited edition G-Shock timepieces

Casio India today announced brand new timepieces to woo the watch lovers and ardent time collectors.

On one hand, there is an all-new GM-110 that has been forged, cut and polished to bring a distinctive design with a metallic look in gold. 

On the other, there is the limited-edition Dragon BallZ, a watch with elements from the staple anime for 90s kids to inject nostalgia and turn heads.

On a roll with its metallic watch range, GM-110 is an analogue watch but has a digital dial with a large case. The metal-covered structure, gold ion plating, magnetic resistance, laminated dial, industrial style geometric patterns and thick resin band is everything you need to bring out the oomph factor in the watch. 

G-Shock GM-110

It is the metallic evolutionary watch of the GA 110 and a watch to celebrate decade long success of the GA 110.

The Dragon Ball Z, limited edition watch is infused with all the elements from the famous anime.

G-Shock Dragon Ball Z

A big watch with 3D presence, bold orange colour, dial and logo enhanced with gold accents & LED and insets with Dragon balls, are an ultimate work of creativity which is further supported by special packaging. 

G-Shock Dragon Ball Z

It is sure to take you ‘Back in time’ and hit you with nostalgia.

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