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Opinion: Online Learning will continue to be the ‘Knight in Shining Armor’ for Education in India

Online learning is the new normal, it is the future and the good thing is that everyone has started embracing it

From blackboard and chalk to whiteboard and marker to desktop, laptop and now handheld devices, education and learning have evolved with time.

So what next?

Well, the answer to this question was brought along the pandemic, which has led to schools and colleges to remain shut for close to nine months now. However, it has not paused the process of learning. It has rather flourished.

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While online education was thriving even before the onset of COVID-19, the lockdown has opened different avenues for students, teachers, parents and the EdTech platforms.

According to a recent study, in the first 28 days of lockdown, the EdTech segment saw 128.8 Mn visits as compared to 102.2 Mn average visits between April 2019 and February 2020. 

Upskilling is need of the hour

Recently a video of a teacher opting for a unique method of teaching her students from home went viral for all the right reasons.

Teachers who have been dependent on traditional ways of teaching all through their life, have now embraced tech-based learning.

Not only teachers but parents, especially from smaller cities are also learning a thing or two every day in the process of helping their children with online classes.

Ease of Learning Consumption

With changing times, tech-enabled learning is more relevant than ever today. The demand for videos and engaging content, combined with access to experienced teachers, from the comfort of the home is at an all-time high.

It is aiding students and teachers irrespective of the location to utilize the platform to learn and teach.

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This shows that interactive and engaging learning modules, visually rich content and personalized learning programs across categories, have immense potential from small and unknown markets.

Personalised Online Learnings will take wings

Personalized offerings are the hottest prospect currently and it will continue to dominate demand for any industry, including EdTech.

Riding on the concept of ‘every student is unique’ and possess the distinctive capability, EdTech platforms must accelerate and create a personalised learning journey for students.

According to a recent study, 89% of parents feel that they will sign up for a personalized online tutoring experience to compensate for the lack of tuitions.

New Education Policy will further transform the Indian education sector

Union Cabinet recently approved the National Education Policy 2020, replacing the 1986 policy. It will pave the way for transformational reforms in the school and the higher education sector in the country.

The new policy will have a dedicated unit for digital and online learning to look after the e-education needs of both school and higher education. This opens up new avenues for EdTech platforms.

The introduction of mandatory vocational training for every child is one of the key highlights of this new policy. This will allow kids to have practical knowledge of crafts such as carpentry, electric work, gardening, pottery making, among others.

As the vocational courses will also be made available online, EdTech platforms will have a major role to make this a great success.

Another area where online learning can disrupt is by developing high-quality modules to teach Indian sign languages and teaching other basic subjects using sign languages.

From teachers to students, everyone is embracing tech-enabled learning

The digital wave that Covid-19 has induced, makes tech-based learning at the centre of Indian education. It was online learning that kept the momentum on for teachers and students across the country amid lockdown. 

According to a recent survey, 70% of Indian Parents want kids to continue online classes. This is a testament to the changing waves, mindset shift and acceptance of tech-based learning amongst all key stakeholders.

Online learning is the new normal, it is the future and the good thing is that students, parents and teachers have started embracing it. It has been the knight in shining armor for education in India and it will continue to be so. 

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