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Opinion: Employee Volunteerism is a Smart Investment for Corporates

Abhishek Humbad

In the current global scenario, employee volunteerism has become an integral part of the business strategy for corporates across the world. Through this initiative, businesses are able to become socially responsible and contribute to the betterment of communities in need by engaging their employees.

It is a win-win situation for both parties involved. By investing in different employee volunteer programs, corporates go beyond bottom lines to better the lives of the communities they care about.

Through diverse and unique opportunities for their employees to do good and help those in need as part of these programs, corporates are in fact, creating a workforce that is motivated, engaged and productive, which in turn directly impacts revenues.  

Enhances team-building skills and interaction

At the workplace, interacting with the same group of people every day can result in a one-dimensional interaction, when in fact, each individual has different layers and flavors that come to the fore as they interact with different people.

The volunteer programs can help employees develop the best aspects of their personalities and sharpen their interpersonal and job-related skills in and outside the office as they meet and interact with people outside the official comfort zone. An easy, open and productive communication among team members is invaluable for any organization.

Socially responsible employees work wonders for brand image

Creating a vibrant work environment for employees gives them a sense of purpose at the workplace and makes them more engaged and productive. Daily work routines can become monotonous. Giving teams a chance to engage in social work through volunteer programs makes them feel good about being able to help those in need, making them a part of something much bigger.

Nothing better than a motivated team with high social responsibility. Collective social intelligence can help organizations improve their brand image and goodwill among consumers.

Soft Skills create a conducive work environment

Volunteering brings out different communication skills among professionals who are used to office parlance. Not only does it help them connect with each other on a different plane, but it also deepens their understanding of the world outside the workplace.

Engaging with socially disadvantaged communities can help sharpen their soft skills allowing workplaces to be more tolerant, empathetic and efficient.

Improved employee recruitment and retention

Young employees today are not concerned only with their remuneration when they look at associating with an organization. They want to know if the company will give them opportunities for growth and development.

By investing in interesting volunteer programs, organizations are able to hold on to the attention of their workforce and keep them engaged and happy doing the things that are of interest to them outside their work purview. Such initiatives can enhance the commitment of these employees to the organization.

Corporates that offer volunteerism attract top talent and have better retention than those that don’t. The profitability of an organization can be positively impacted by the high morale of satisfied employees.

Can be scheduled in advance, tracked and measured

Organizations are able to make data-driven targeted decisions because they can keep a tab on their volunteer programs. They can track and measure what is working best for the organization, community and employees and make changes accordingly, eventually finding the best possible solution that is beneficial for everybody involved.



The author is the Founder and CEO of Goodera, a technology platform that makes CSR, volunteering, and sustainability activity transparent, measurable, and engaging.

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