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Opinion: Wrist Watch is a Reflection of Your Personality

Sudhir Kove

For ages, time has played a crucial role in our lives. There have been various means for the age-old man to refer to time to clock various tasks and chores. Studying the pattern and duration of exposure to circular heavenly bodies like the sun, moon, and the movement of the earth, time became measurable and around this, the man started clocking his routine. With revolutionizing changes over centuries, the very existence of a wrist watch too has had its own impact and it has got to do more with talking about the person wearing it rather than just showing the time.

More than just showing the time

It is not uncommon and people are quite well versed with the fact that one’s shoes and wrist watch that they don, speak volumes about their personality even before they talk.

Speaking about wrist watches, this only piece of jewelry on one’s wrist has a lot to depict about a person’s professional and personal behaviour and sometimes even that of his/ her bond with their peers and colleagues.

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Wrist watches in their truest sense have gone beyond just telling time. In the recent past, wrist watch analysis has gained popularity and it is seldom surprising that people are diligent about the size and colour of the dial, its shape, metal or leather strap, etc. all together depict how a person has a relationship with themselves and their peers, colleagues and family members. Hence, your wristwatch is the symbolic communication about the kind of life you want to have with the universe.

Wrist watch defines the trait of the person

For anyone having engaged with wrist watch analysis, the first trait that a wristwatch speaks about the person wearing it is their willingness to measure and value the time of the day. Apart from it, there are several personality traits that one can infer about the wearer by having a glimpse of the kind of wrist watch that they wear. Let us understand how well could you read a person’s personality by just gazing at their wrist watch. 

The dial of the wrist watch is the most prominent and you can simply figure basic traits of a person at the mere sight of this piece. A slender digital dial shows how the person is a fitness buff and likes to keep a track of their footsteps and calorie analysis time and again.

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A big dial is for the ones who love to live their life to the fullest and in an affluent manner. The perfectionist will have a simple yet elegant looking dial. Observe the simple numbers and the dial’s colour on the inside. Lustrous are the dials of the popular ones who like to be noticed the most and prominently.

Similarly, the strap too speaks of some qualitative traits of a person. A loosely hanging metal strap that glides up and down with the hand movement showcases the laid back or relaxed attitude of the wearer, given he/she doesn’t like anything gripping them, be it the time itself.

On the contrary, a clean-cut static strap of the wrist watch shows how committed the person is and how they don’t lose grip of any situation at hand. 

The numbers and their style have another way of describing the person’s aura. Simple numbers are for the simple thinkers, while variably sized numerals are usually preferred by the artistic minded.

Roman numerals are for the complex thinkers who love befriending strangers, while no digits at all is seen in the dial of people who like to keep their life as private as possible. 

While the science of wrist watch analysis is vast, one can pay heed to certain obvious features of the opposite person’s wrist watch to infer certain personality traits about them, without them realising.



The author is a Life Coach, Graphologist and all the more prominently known as The Logo Guru – who mastered this art and has changed a few organizations’ logos to suit their business.

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