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Amazon India commits to more than 222 hours of “lights off” for Earth Hour

The company’s pan-India network of Fulfilment Centres, Sort Centres, Delivery Stations as well as its corporate offices will switch off lights to spread awareness about the significance of energy conservation

Amazon India has announced its commitment to ‘switch off’ lights across all its Operations sites and corporate offices across the country as a symbolic gesture during this year’s Earth Hour. 

The company will join the worldwide movement to spread awareness about the importance of energy conservation through collective action. This initiative will see Amazon India contributing to more than 222 hours of ‘lights off’ across its buildings, during the Earth Hour between 8.30 – 9.30 PM on 27th March, 2021. 

Amazon India’s infrastructure footprint that comprises of more than 60 Fulfilment Centres across 15 states, Sort Centres across 19 states, and network of 1750 Amazon owned and partner delivery stations, as well as its corporate offices will participate in this worldwide movement.

This commitment also extends beyond Amazon’s own buildings and will see close to 1500 Delivery Service Partner stations across 750+ cities and towns such as Thiruvananthapuram, Leh and Champhai to name a few observing lights off across their stations. Many trucking and carrier partners will also participate during the Earth hour.

This event will bring together Amazon India’s employees, associates, partners and its ecosystem along with millions of people across the world join in raising awareness of the issues facing our planet.

Speaking to the commitment, Prakash Kumar Dutta, Vice President, Fulfilment Centre & Supply Chain Operations, Amazon India, said, “With this initiative, Amazon India is leveraging its infrastructure to reiterate the importance of energy conservation by turning off lights for 222 hours during the Earth Hour. We have also encouraged our employees, associates and partners to join us in switching off their lights in their respective homes and offices in support of this movement.”

Amazon India’s multi-fold approach towards reducing its environmental impact across its operations includes clean energy generation. Reducing the dependency on conventional sources of energy, Amazon India has made significant investments in clean energy generation through solar panel installations on the rooftops of 10 large fulfilment centres and sortation sites in India.

These investments are part of Amazon’s long-term goal to power its global infrastructure using 100% renewable energy. Amazon India has also invested in advanced building energy management systems that ensures lighting and climate controls are only used when and where the buildings are occupied.

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