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Opinion: Identifying originality of an Ayurveda brand

Shreedha Singh

When I step into a customer’s shoes, I often get boggled at the number of players, claims, product options, etc. I think we are so spoilt for choices, which is there to grow, that the only way out of it is refining those options. Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Products have increasingly been under the microscope because of their proven benefits and healing. Countries have set up million-dollar industries to understand this science and churn its benefits; thereby devising solutions for wellness, health, and holistic beauty.

Brands turning into opportunists

Post Covid, Ayurveda wave has hit another level as people are now more aware of their health, want to use only natural & Ayurvedic products. Products have started to reach out to more people but unfortunately many enterprises have taken this as an open opportunity to play safe and mint gold.

The effect of commercialization has sprung up to a level where brands are crouching onto one another for a handful amount of features and seeking attention, so much so that brands are now claiming openly that they are a fusion of certain brands. At the far end, it is the customer at the most loss as it becomes practically impossible for him to measure the originality of a brand.

Measuring the originality of a brand

So how will a person measure the originality of a brand? Aren’t these the real-time examples of out loud plagiarism and theft of intellectual properties & brand philosophies? How can the industry and consumers choose what authentic Ayurveda is?

The ground reality is, Ayurveda takes the origin of this problem as a target, with a lot of paraphernalia involved in the process. It works to solve the root cause of the problem. It is a healing process that takes time for the natural ingredients to work and gives 100% results.

But with the fast pacing world where we are used to getting quick solutions, ready-to-use products and instant gratification, Ayurveda treatments can seem to be consuming too much time.

Do you remember back when we were kids, we were asked an interesting question by our family members, “who do you love more, Mumma or Papa”? And, we would usually say – “Both” as we had a hard time picking one.

Growing up, we traverse similar situations, where choices are equally good and worthy for health & wellness – choosing between the Healing Ayurveda and ever-advancing Modern Science. Modern Science would help you get instant results while Ayurveda works at the root level.

TAC – The Ayurveda Co. is born out of the marriage of Ancient Ayurveda & Modern Science, standing tall with pride amongst other players in the market.

With increased awareness of digital presence, we expect customers to understand the genuineness of Ayurvedic beauty products. It builds positive brand affiliation towards the best Ayurvedic Chain of Healing Products, The Ayurveda Co.



The author is the Co-Founder of The Ayurveda Co.

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