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26 year old quits job and starts a business – Earns 3 times her salary in a month

The passion to do something on your own, can lead you to success

While the rest of the world complains about business being dull during the pandemic, a 26 year old decides to quit her job and start her entrepreneurship journey. In merely a months time, the business rockets to success!

Brinda Rajpopat, Founder, Petikaa Studio

Meet Brinda Rajpopat, who worked as a copywriter at an ad agency and couldn’t take the inhumane work hours anymore. She decided to quit the 9-5 hustle which was more like a 9-9, and started a Gifting Company called ‘Petikaa Studio‘ where she curates gift hampers for occasions keeping in mind the personality of both, the giver and receiver.

“I got the idea during the lockdown but I was too nervous to go for it. Literally every single person told me it was a bad idea to quit a well paying secure job and try something so risky, especially in a pandemic. But I just had to answer the call” Says Brinda.

“When she finally had made her decision, there was no looking back for Brinda. She soon decided to join a business networking group called BNI (Business Network India) and started to plan every step forward. “When the right steps are taken, nobody can stop you from achieving your goals. And I knew what had to be done even though I was very unsure. I joined BNI Legends and began networking as much as possible. I also had a strong social media marketing plan and slowly hut surely, people began to notice Petikaa Studio. In my first week, I got 3 curation orders” Said Brinda with a sense of happiness and pride.

Today, just after a month of launching Petikaa Studio, Brinda Rajpopat has managed to earn 3 times of what she made at her job and does not want to look back from this step. She says “Gift Curation and hamper Curation is what I love doing and I know that it is a niche industry. I am going to turn it into something big because I realised that pulling all-nighters for your own company is better than doing it for somebody else”.

Let’s hope Brinda gets her dreams and her journey look as pretty as Petikaa Gifts.

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