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Bosch Go – The Smart Screwdriver that you dreamt of!

When was the last time you had to fix something at home, but shied away because it was too much of an effort to use a manual screwdriver, or had to pull out the huge-ass drill machine, which you probably couldn’t even control?

What would be your take if you had a palm sized device that did the same, came with 32 different shapes and sizes of bits for every kind of screws and ofcourse could charge with the same charger as your phone? There have been multiple devices like this in the market which work with AA or AAA sized batteries, but they hardly last. You need to change batteries every now and then, which leads to you getting frustrated if you did not have extra ones handy.

We were sent across the all new Bosch GO- a first of its kind smart screw driver that not only does the job well, but does it better than anything else. The device comes with 32 different shaped bits, charges with a micro usb cable and also has speed control that allows you to decide how fast or slow you want to use it.

I decided to test it out by fixing a whole King sized bed,that had been creaking for a while at home and needed repairs. I definitely kept ignoring it since involved lot of labor which I wasn’t prepared for. Dismantled the bed, using the “unscrew” feature, cleaned, arranged and put it back together in 30 minutes flat! I have never gotten work done that fast. The review device that I received only had the ‘star’ bit, but like I mentioned above, you get to buy it with 33 different bits.

The device also lasted a good 5-6 hours of continuous usage with different speed modes before discharging, which I think is excellent. It only adds that it can be charged using the same charger as your mobile phone.

The Bosch Go is an all-inclusive product for professional and home projects. Fabricated with a user-friendly design, it adds an aesthetic value to the repair tasks. From tightening to loosening screws, this smart screwdriver comes with adjustable 5/2.5 Nm torque and the speed goes upto 360 rpm. It has superior balance and weighs only 0.28kg. for reduced user fatigue. It provides a rapid action which helps the users to work professionally in all their projects.

Bosch Go is powered by the Bosch 3.6V 1.5Ah in-built battery for longer run time and has 90 mins of charging time. The screwdriving functions can be carried on with absolute ease due to the rotary brush plate that assist with the forward and reverse rotation.

The smart screwdriver is available in two different versions. The solo version contains 1 pc PH2 screw bit and 1 pc USB cable, the kit version comes with 33 pcs accessories kit, USB adapter and USB cable. Both the kits are packed in a compact plastic case with embedded user manuals and product-related information.

Price and availability:
The product is also available immediately on Amazon and Flipkart and priced at INR 2399/- against an MRP of INR 4450/-.
‘Bosch GO’ will be available at dealer stores across India from October onwards.

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