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CWD Innovations introduces SmartTemp+, India’s first wireless 24×7 temperature monitoring system

The COVID-19 pandemic has stressed India’s medical and commercial infrastructure, forcing the healthcare and business fraternities to develop new, efficient ways of reducing exposure risk and enhancing safety of their communities.

While much remains unknown, the scientific community has reached one early consensus: fever is one of the earliest, most prevalent symptoms of COVID-19.

In order to protect the lives of every potentially exposed Indian, CWD Innovations have introduced India’s first wireless continuous body temperature monitoring solution, SmartTemp+.

SmartTemp+ comprises of a wearable device, a mobile phone application, and a web-based data analytics dashboard.

The 7mm slim device sticks to your left axial area (below the armpit) and has a battery life of up to 30 days to allow for worry-free, 24/7 monitoring of your body temperature.

The SmartTemp+ mobile app and cloud-based dashboard enable real-time monitoring of an individual or a group of individuals sharing a common workplace.

Commenting on the launch Siddharth Xavier, Co-founder, CWD Innovations said, “We salute all of our frontline warriors working to control the COVID-19 pandemic: our doctors, nurses, and care-takers. Research indicates that a rise or fall in body temperature is not just indicative of the ailment but can also reflect the efficacy of treatment. SmartTemp+ is an early intervention solution, reducing the chances of a carrier spreading the virus to others.”

Whether you are a business owner trying to assure employees of their safety at office or a home maker taking care of the elderly and children on a daily basis – SmartTemp+ will help you go about your day worry-free.

With remote-monitoring and push-alerts in case of temperature spikes (or drops), you will always be aware of your community’s health, without needing to test temperatures every hour.

SmartTemp+ is made of medically safe materials, eliminating the struggle of cleaning that comes with regular thermometers. The SmartTemp+ data analytics dashboard allows enterprises and medical institutions to monitor your employees’ health from a central system, giving you the ability to intervene early and curtail the spread of potential infections in your community.

What’s comes in the box? – Every SmartTemp+ order comes with 15 medical-grade stickers and 2 replaceable batteries along with the main device.

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