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Belkin’s first 3rd party USB-C™ Cable with Lightning Connector is the real D!

When Belkin drops a product, it definitely is something that creates waves across. This time, it was the much awaiting product that every Apple Fan-boi was looking forward to!

When they launched their BOOST↑CHARGE™ USB C cable with lightning connector, it was big! The Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE™ is the first 3rd party MFi certified and USB-IF certified USB-C™ Cable with Lightning Connector to be introduced in India.
A little about the product- The product supports Fast Charge for iPhone 8 or later products with an 18-watt or higher USB-C power adapter. This feature allows charging up to 50% in just 30 minutes or sync photos and videos to a USB-C enabled laptop. The added cable length of 1.2 meters which is 33% longer than standard USB cables with lightning connectors, allows flexibility while charging.
I had the product sent over to me to try and check out if it really does what it claims to do! first things first, the packaging is minimal and has no extra fills to it. Coming in a compact box, the cable is all that you get along with the paper work on how to use it. 
Apple, a couple of years back did bring USB-C connectivity to its Macbook pro & Air series, that allowed users to transfer data seamlessly and at a higher speed than the usual USB-A cables/ connectors. What they also did was to do away with their version of the lighting connectors that wasn’t universal any longer. 
With the USB-C cable and the adapter retailing officially with Apple, it gives you an option to charge your iPhone faster. The bummer though, it wasn’t available in India. For the longest time, the USB-C adapter or the wire came only if you bought the 2018 iPad pro model. 
This product, is a life saver! It is the first ever, official licensed 3rd party cable that is compatible with the latest iPhone models(8 & above). At 1.2 meters, this cable is long enough to give you that flexibility to use your phone while it charges or carry it around. Paired with an 18W or higher charger, this charges your phone faster and gives you enough juice to run a while. 
While I tested it, I used the 18W charger that comes with the iPad Pro and left my iPhone XR to charge when it was still running at 1%. 15 minutes later, I was blown away that it had charged itself to 35% and in about 40 minutes, was close to hitting 60% of charge. That was 2X faster than what my 12W charger would do with the phone and 3X of what the 5W one did that came with the phone. 
On daily use, I figured that the device would charge at a healthy rate upto 80% and then slow down to a slower charge post that to conserve the health of the battery. The only issue I probably faced, was that my phone would heat up a little, but that is because of the fast charge and nothing else. 
At Rs.2499, this wire is a steal deal considering how high the official cable is priced and the availability sketchy. Not only is it sturdy and made with premium materials, I feel that it is an accessory that will not break or see wires jutting out after daily use. 
There obviously is competition in the market, with look-alikes floating around, however like the headline says- this is THE REAL D! 
Available in 2 colours- White & Black, the wire can be bought here.  

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