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Worried about your skin? Hear it from Dr. Mikki as she busts skincare myths and reveals the secrets of a healthy skin

Skincare in India probably has been one of the most misunderstood terms. Men or women go on to purchase the most expensive commercially available product in the market but will not consult a Dermatologist or Cosmetologist, who specializes in different aspects of skincare.

Skincare treatment was considered as a taboo

Dr. Mikki Singh, a trained doctor and a well-known dermatologist with a certification in Aesthetic Medicine from IAAM recall that at the time when she was doing her degree, cosmetology was not very recognized and was often considered as a taboo.

Dr. Mikki Singh

However, this is changing. In the last 5-6 years, there has been an influx of people who have understood the importance of everyday skincare and the role of a dermatologist.

“Most cosmetic conditions are pretty much treatable and once you treat them, it gives you a sense of joy because your patient comes back to you feeling happier and much more confident about themselves,” says Dr. Mikki.

She further adds, “I have always said no to certain treatments. I also never over-promised because that can really disappoint someone. Being honest is one of the most important things in my profession.”

New-age clinical services at Bodycraft Clinic

Dr. Mikki is recognized as the architect of new-age clinical services at Bodycraft. She says, “We are constantly learning, experimenting and figuring out what really works for the skin and for our patients.”

Most of the procedures that she and her team undertake at the clinic have been tried and tested on them before it is offered them at the clinic.

At Bodycraft clinic, she has introduced one of the best lasers in the market, the Soprano Ice, Alma Laser which is painless and shows amazing results.

Dr. Mikki Singh at Bodycraft Clinic

Fillers & Botox are something that was not initially done at the clinic. “We are experts in injection technology, literally sculpting the face, making it look more youthful and younger, without making it look artificial,” she says.

The clinic has recently introduced the Hydra Medi Facial as it has been seen that most people are a little skeptical about getting facials done at this point in time because it is a high contact service.


This facial is done using a machine that gives better results than a regular skincare treatment.

Microblading and micro-pigmentation are also some of the procedures that they do at the clinic.

Trainer for one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies

Dr. Mikky train doctors in ‘injectable’ for a pharmaceutical company, who are one of the world leaders and has the largest market share in India and internationally in Fillers & Botox.

“I primarily teach doctors how to use fillers to sculpt the face and make it look more attractive,” she says.

It requires some amount of knowledge in terms of the anatomy of the face and there is skill involved when injecting comes into the picture.

“It is not something that is taught in college, hence the company decided to train some of their doctors to become experts in facial aesthetics dermatology,” she further adds.

Acne is not just a teenage problem

All teenagers are subjected to acne, one of the biggest skin issues that one has to deal with.

Talking about why it occurs and how can it be controlled, Dr. Mikki says, “Both boys and girls have hormonal changes at this age and this is one of the reasons why teenagers are more prone to get acne or pimples.”

The post-acne sequelae are more severe in boys than in girls. It means that boys tend to have more scarring acne than girls do.

“It is important to control acne and not let it get severe because it then leads to scars. It is easier to treat acne as opposed to treating acne scars. Hence, it is recommended to see a dermatologist and control acne in its active phase,” she adds.

However, acne is not just a teenage problem. According to Indian Acne Market Report for 2016-2025, approximately 80% of people are affected by acne between the onset of puberty and 30 years of age.

Breaking this myth, Dr. Mikki says, “It is something that can occur at any age. You get acne primarily because of hormonal issues or changes in your body. It is just a condition that needs to be treated.

She has attended patients at 60, who have come to her for acne treatment.

Other Skincare Myths

Myths and skincare goes hand-in-hand. There are plenty, most common being ‘cosmetics are bad for your skin’ or ‘botox and fillers are permanent’ or ‘dandruff is because of dry scalp.’

Cosmetics are not bad for your skin, believes Dr. Mikki. However, she adds that it really depends on how you apply or remove them and what type of cosmetics you are using.

“It is always good to use cosmetics that are non-comedogenic and do not block your pores. Using cosmetics that are mild and water-based would be a good idea if you have oily skin or acne-prone skin,” she says.

“It is very important that you remove your make up before going to bed, no matter where you are, or if you have been wearing it for a very long time,” she further adds.

Talking about the myth around botox & fillers, she says, “If it is done in the right way and right proportion, they can make your face look young and rejuvenated.”

They can be also be removed at will if you wish to. “Fillers, especially on the lips and other areas, are very much reversible. It takes just about 5-10 minutes to reverse the effect of the filler.” she further adds.

Dr. Mikki says it very often to her patients that if they have dandruff, it is probably because of an extremely oily scalp, which allows breeding of a mild fungal infection that causes scaling on the scalp, also known as dandruff.

She insists on not treating dandruff by oiling the scalp. “While oil is good for the length of hair, on the scalp it may aggravate conditions like dandruff, which is an infection and must be treated.”

Men are increasingly focusing on their skincare

With the metrosexual male coming into fashion there has been an influx of men getting indulgent and wanting to take care of their skin.

Talking about what has changed with men’s focus on skincare, Dr. Mikki says, “Initially when I started my practice about 12-15 years ago, 8 out of 10 men came in only for hair related problems. Hair loss was one of the most common problems.”

Previously in her practice, 80% of the patients would be female and just 20% would be male. Now, the ratio has shifted to 60:40.

Today, a lot of men want their skin in a better place, they want it well-nourished, and they want it well hydrated. “They understand that well-hydrated skin shines through and looks better. They are more open to using night creams,” she adds.

“Initially men were reluctant to using sunblock and night cream. Most of them are now very open to doing that. A lot of men even want to get under eye fillers for eye dark circles correction, which does come about with a lot of screen time and stress” she further points out.

Skincare Trends

Dr. Mikki points several trends that are fast picking up in India.

  • People are increasingly taking in a lot of collagen, which tends to boost the skin a little. It is a small pick-me-up that you do for your skin so there is no problem in taking good collagen boosters
  • Off late people are keeping their skincare routines very minimal and that is the way it should be. Just a cleanser, moisturizer, sunblock and a night cream should do the trick. It is better to use lesser products but use them consistently as opposed to having a lot of products and end up not using them at all.
  • In terms of skincare treatments, one of the popular ones that are really picking up is Microblading
  • Thick eyebrows are back in fashion and there are a lot of people who do not naturally have thick eyebrows but want them.
  • People who want the texture of their skin to get better and healthier are going in for treatments like Volite, which hydrates the skin, makes it more elastic and plump like a baby’s skin
  • A lot of people are also going in for Micropigmentation, which is semi-permanent make-up especially to treat dark lips
  • Vampire facial is another popular trend in the west. Blood from the patient is centrifuged causing the platelet-rich plasma to separate. The plasma, which is really rich in growth factors is removed and re-injected into the skin. It tends to tightening of the skin and boost the production of collagen & elastin, giving the skin a very healthy glow & a tightening effect.

Things to do for healthy skin

The fundamental and basic thing that you could do to take care of your skin is very simple. Dr. Mikki calls it ABC of skin, where A is using a good cleanser, B is using good moisturizer and C is to use sunblock.

She also recommends using a night cream however, Dr. Mikki insists to use this after a consultation with your dermatologist. “This is because a lot of night creams could be thick and may cause acne as well depending on your skin type,” she says.

“Using a nice Vitamin C serum, lotion or cream at bedtime would be a good idea as it gives your skin a good glow,” she concludes.

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